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 give me a chance

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PostSubject: give me a chance   Thu Nov 26, 2009 5:58 am

I was listening to a song last night...its give me a chance by jed madela.... i just though that giving a second chance to one person is riskier than the first time you give him your trust...
I just don't know its just like a one way street and I'm the only one whose on it no one knows the way but ME. and i just realize that if one person made a mistake we just remember the mistake that she/he did but we forgot to remember the good things that they did to us.... maybe because of the heartbreaks that was given to us we forgot to forgive them and think that they are only human that can commit a mistakes. and even us can commit a sin that maybe they will hard to forgive.. we also forgot to think that they will learn their lesson and never do that again. they will not ride on the same horse and do same things that they'll have done.
we should learn to forgive and give them a chance.
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give me a chance

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