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 i have your ip

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PostSubject: i have your ip   Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:46 pm

Ok Im posting this little tidbit of info here because I'm sort of tired of explaining this to people over and over in chat rooms, etc.

We have all run into that total lamer in a chat room that runs his mouth saying really dumb things like "Im running a sniffer and now I have your IP"!

OK, when I see some dork say that I usually get a pain in my side from laughing. However, unlike most people here on Viprasys who know better, the average room chatter has no idea what a packet sniffer is or that 99% of the people who you handed your actual IP to wouldnt know what to do with it. Most lamers have picked up enough "Terminology" to spoof most of the chatroom inhabitants into believing that the lamer has their IP and will hack them.

First off, there isnt a single packet sniffer made on this planet other than one written by ITT that can snatch an IP out of the room other than the IP of the server that hosts the chatroom.

Secondly, a packet sniffer will not give anyone at all the information they need to grab the true IP of anyone (there are 3 exceptions to this) in a chat room because no sniffer is capable of extracting the information in the first 8 bits of every packet that contains the origin and destination of any given packet. There is only one device made that is capable of this and its called a Netscout Probe (Made by Netscout) and this probe is the onlyone made that can truly see the RMON and RMON2 Information of a packet. The chances of anyone owning one of these probes is pretty slim seeing as the cheapest one which is used on the old Token Ring Networks runs $5,000.

Thirdly, given the outside chance that somehow some chatter got ahold of your actual IP Address, I would bet my 2008 HD Fatboy that 99.5% of the people in chat dont have the first clue what to do with that IP address. Let me tell you something, any real hacker out there will never tell a soul that they are a Hacker seeing as if that info got out, they could be looking at a future all expenses paid vacation to Club Fed.

I wont get into how to rip an actual IP from someone other than to say that to do so requires a PM on which either a file send or voice transmission has occured thus establishing something similar to a P2P type of exchange.

The next time you see some dumbass Lamer start threatening that they are running their sniffer and that they will grab your IP, tell em to piss off through the tears of Laughter you have.
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i have your ip

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