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 yahoo chat command

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PostSubject: yahoo chat command   Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:49 pm

Chat Command Help

/cls Clears the history

/help Displays this message

/join roomname Joins room 'roomname'

/goto username Goes to 'username'

/think xxx . o O (xxx)

/follow user Follows the user wherever they go

/follow Stop Following

/invite username Invites 'username' to join this room : emotion Displays user defined emotion string

/think-- will get you . o O ( ........ ) just type /think whatever.....and get . o O ( whatever ) ...doesn't seem to work in messenger chat /cheeta/ychat/cheeta users if they just type /think will have a random message inserted
/roll 2-- will get you something like 'fire-wall rolls 2 dice 3,4' roll multisided dice type /roll 2:10
try /roll 2x2 to flip coins

/tell ( name )-- allows you to send a private message with out a pm box
/goto ( name ) lets you go to a friend or another user
/invite ( name )-- allows you to invite a user to where you are
/follow ( name )-- allows you to follow someone
/stopfollow( name )-- stops you following someone else.... no way to stop someone from following you.
/cls-- clears the screen
/help-- works great in java chat!!! be prepared for a full screen of info though.
/define-- works in cheeta chat
/time-- works in most clients
/version or /ver --the latter is great for when you need help.........and /version helpers name sends them a private message with the same info so they can help.
/join (roomname) is great for skipping the rooms
/join yahoo! chat help:1

to emote without using the pop up emotes or the list just type /emote name /hug or to emote someone /hug ( name) and to make your text show as an emote .....type a : then whatever.....and your text will look like an emote like Fire-wall hugs you

/ignore add (username) a quick way to send someone to the iggy box.....
/ignore remove (username) can take an accidental ignore off..... or even remove yourself form your own ignore.... don't laugh.... it has happened!!! despite yahoo saying you cant ignore yourself. you can also open messenger, look under privacy, and remove names there.
/save works in all but messenger (click file. then save for messenger chat) browser chat make sure you know where it saves the transcript!!!!!
/logoff closes your chat screen and logs you out

if u forget above noted command just paste in room /? u got all command
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yahoo chat command

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