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 7 ways to protect window xp

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PostSubject: 7 ways to protect window xp   Tue Nov 17, 2009 4:11 pm

7 ways to protect window xp

1. Turn on Automatic Updates in Windows XP
Automatic Updates is a Windows XP utility that allows your computer to download security updates from Microsoft automatically. Turning on Automatic Updates helps to secure your computer since you'll always have the latest critical security updates.

2. Turn on the Free Firewall in Windows XP
If you have Service Pack 2 installed, you have a free firewall that you can use to protect your computer from attacks. However, you must turn the free firewall on.

3. Use Internet Explorer Wisely
Internet Explorer 6 provides four zones for which you can establish seperate security settings. By using the four zones, you'll reduce your chances of being the victim of an attack when you inadvertently visit a malicious Web site.

4. Use Anti-Virus Software
Viruses can reak havoc on your computer. Protect yourself by using antivirus software.

5. Use Spyware and Adware Software
Spyware is software that allows companies to monitor what websites you visit or even access your computer. Adware is software that displays advertisements. Protect your computer by using spyware and adware software.

6. Be Careful What You Click On
Often, attackers must entice you to open an email attachment or visit their Web site in order to attack your computer. If you open the attachment or visit their site, malicious code is executed on your computer. To protect your computer, be careful what you click on.

7. Use Limited Accounts to Better Secure Your Windows XP Computer
It's harder for someone to attack your computer through the Internet if you're using a limited account. Learn why it's best to use limited accounts for daily use and how to create a limited account.

Will Using a Limited Account Help Prevent Attacks?
Windows XP provides two different types of user accounts: limited and administrator. Administrator accounts have unlimited access to the computer, while limited accounts have some restrictions. One significant difference between limited and administrator accounts is the ease with which both types of users can download and install programs.

Since it's easy for you to download and install programs while using an administrator account, it's also easier for attackers to download and install programs to your computer without your knowledge. If an attacker entices you to visit their Web site and you're using an administrator account, the attacker may be able to put programs on your computer that could delete your files, spy on your activity, use your computer to attack others, and more.

In contrast, if you're using a limited account when you visit an attacker's Web site, it's less likely the attacker will be able to download and install the program or file that's necessary to infect your computer.

As a result, using limited accounts in Windows XP for daily use can reduce your risk of being the victim of a computer attack. :wink:

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7 ways to protect window xp

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